DIY Countdown to Valentine’s Day!

DIY Countdown to Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day project for Husband

I’m always on the lookout for cute little crafts to make my husband for the holidays, and this was perfect! I found some pins on Pinterest that I liked, and kind of put a little spin on them. I found this card book on one of my favorite sites, “The Dating Divas” and went to work.

I changed it up a little to be envelopes with my 14 favorite memories of the past year. A “countdown” to Valentine’s Day!

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • 14 sheets of paper (8.5×11 or 12×12)
  • Glue
  • 14 of your favorite photos
  • Free printable from site above (or make your own)

DIY Countdown to Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day project for Husband

First things first. You will need to sit down and think of your favorite memories of the past year. Some of my photos were not the actual memory, but they could describe the memory. Such as my first one (pictured), I used a photo from one date night and wrote about how much I enjoy our Date Nights.

Then I needed to make the envelopes. I searched and searched online to find a good DIY envelope template. You can find your own if you’d like, otherwise this one will work. You will have to adjust the size to fit your photo inside. This was the easiest envelope I found. Then however you’d like, with stickers/pen/or a Cricut, you’ll need to number all your envelopes.

Once you have all your envelopes made, you just need to attach a memory to the back of your photo, put it in the envelope, and ta-da! You have a countdown to Valentine’s Day! I hung mine on February 1st, so he gets to open one envelope every day until Valentine’s Day! Gives him a little something to look forward to!


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